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The Silk Road in its origin was a Trans-Asian network of trade routes linking East Asia with the Mediterranean. Convoys of camels and caravans travelled trails that bridge major nations from Xian China in the East across Central Asia to Rome in the West.
Nestorian Christians brought the Gospel to China along those routes, and in the 13th Century Marco Polo covered the distance from Venice to China travelling the Silk Road.

Now in the 21st Century the United Nations plan to build a modern Trans-Asian highway 4000 miles along the route of the Asian Silk Road.
Silk Road Ministries was founded in 1997 as a registered Christian charity in the United Kingdom. The name represents a vision and desire to network with other Christian workers to reach out into limited access countries in Asia. Together we serve as a bridge to churches and people bringing the Love of God, teaching His Word and helping to provide necessary resources and training.

Billy and Jean Campbell originally hail from Northern Ireland and Wales and have been working in the missionary field throughout Asia since the 1960’s having served in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, Cambodia, India and Myanmar (formally Burma).  In the late 90’s the focus of their ministry changed after they met a young Cambodian called Yi studying in Hong Kong and preparing to return to serve his own people.

In 2001 Yi invited Bill and Jeanne to help him establish a centre for street children in Phnom Penh to teach English, computer skills, crafts, and help them find employment when the time came.  Out of this vision Hope House Ministries in Cambodia was born.

In 2006 Hope House Education Centre was opened 60 Km southwest of Phnom Penh in Kompong Speu.  The centre, set in the rural community among needy children, provided a basic education for more than 200 children, and in 2008 a Skills Training and Medical Centre was added to train students hairdressing and sewing and provide much needed medical care.  Since this time the centre has developed significantly adding other facilities as donations allow.

Billy is actively involved with the Myanmar Christian College which trains students for evangelism within the forma Burmese state.  Operating out of Southern Chin province students embark on a 4 year curriculum before returning home to their communities, The task is to equip church leaders to teach and train their own congregations to fulfil the great commission within their own nations, to their own people.

All this has been done with money donated by the public and you too can make a difference by donating to the Silk Road Ministries Charity in the UK.  The charity has accountable trustees and its main objectives are the Advancement of Christian Faith, Provision of Education, and the Relief from Poverty, Sickness and Hardship with the money raised going towards teaching and training, translation work, provision of Bibles, special projects and crisis needs.

For more information about how you can help please contact Silk Road Ministries, PO Box 69, St Helens, Merseyside WA11 7GA.  Telephone (0044) 151 426 0266 or ask one of the leadership team for assistance.




 Click here to take a look at the most recent newsletter (January 2017) from our friends Billy and Jean to find out the latest about their work in Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma).  You can also view the Roll of Honour as their latest students graduate from bible college. 


Billy & Jeanne Campbell’s News Update


In Myanmar, there are additional students studying at the Myanmar Vision Christian College (MVCC) and the Calvary Theological and Missions Academy (CTMA). The total number of students this academic year is now 60. Billy was there in June, for the commencement services at both Bible Colleges; he plans to be back again in early November, when he will be joined by a team from Australia to lecture at the colleges. 



At Calvary Boarding Center (CBC), Kanpetlet, additional children have enrolled, bringing the total to 17. Pray for Stephen, a CTMA graduate, who is now the principal at CBC. He also teaches and cares for the children, and guides the evangelists in outreach work, with the goal of planting a Christian church in the remote Chin Hills. Also, please pray for Ronald Cung, CTMA Principal. Ronald travels to the Chin Hills to encourage Stephen and the other workers; he was recently stranded there, as a result of the flooding caused by the monsoon rains. Your prayer for God’s servants and work will make a difference.       

The Cambodia Farm Project. One year ago, 6 ½ acres of land, adjoining the Hope House school site, was purchased in order to generate local funds to help with future sustainability. This land has been cleared and ploughed. A strong secure fence has been erected and a reservoir dug to hold water, essential for the growing of rice and other crops. A goat shed has being built and the first crop of rice will be harvested soon.    





A recent development has been the agreement to buy a further 3½ acres, adjoining the farm. The land is ideal for raising goats and their kids and will not need to be cleared or levelled. This development has meant a further step of faith in God to provide; He is faithful - a deposit was paid in June and the balance at the end of July!  The area will need to be fenced, the water reservoir will have to be extended, and goats purchased. We trust God to provide for these needs.    



A thrilling highlight. On 3rd July Channy, together with his wife, Rhumduol, were baptised in Sarorn’s church in Phnom Penh. Their two children, David and Isaac, were dedicated in the same service. Channy’s father was also baptised and we believe many more will follow in the coming months. Praise God for His goodness as He builds His church in Cambodia.    





The 10th Anniversary of the opening of Hope House.  To celebrate this milestone, a Cambodian brother in Christ, Tonga, now living in Australia, has prepared a DVD which we will be showing in our UK deputation meetings, during August - October. Jeanne will be in Cambodia in early August, and again in November after we return from our UK deputation.  Do email us for a copy of our schedule for your area.




Renewed thanks for your partnership in the gospel. We know you pray for us and for the Lord’s work in Cambodia and Burma. Your faithful involvement in prayer and practical support is a real encouragement.




UK Charity Number: 1064590  







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