Missionary Focus

Missionary Focus


At AIM Christian Fellowship we think it is important to share the Good News about Jesus with as many people as possible. It is for this reason that we love supporting Missionaries who have been called to go to foreign countries for just such a purpose.

We are able to support them in three ways. The first is by praying for them and for what they are doing. Very often our missionary friends send us news of what they are doing and this helps us to know what to pray for. Secondly we can support them financially. Going to foreign countries as a missionary needs money and we are pleased to be able to give some of our income to support their work. Thirdly, missionaries tell us how important it is to keep up good communication with churches back home. So taking an interest in them and keeping in touch is also something we can do to support them.

Each week as part of our Sunday morning service, we have a “Missionary Focus”.  A member of the congregation will lead us as we hear missionary news updates and then spend time praying for them.

The missionaries we support are often attached to Mission Organisations. The pages within this section reflect just some of the missions we support at home and abroad. 


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