At AIM Christian Fellowship we enjoy worshipping God together.

When we get together we plan to meet the needs of the whole family; so whether you are still learning to talk and enjoy nursery, or whether you are constantly busy with work and the school run, or are now taking life at a more leisurely retired pace there will be people like you and hopefully you will find something for yourself.

In our Worship times we enjoy both contemporary and traditional music and songs. To help us we have a keyboard and guitars and when the younger ones get involved there are a number of instruments on the go! To follow the words we use a projector on a screen or you can use one of the books in the seats, or if you don’t like singing you can just listen!

Each week there is part of the service aimed at the children who, at about half way through the service, can leave to go to their own groups to take part in age related learning (see Children/YP section below)

The adults continue together where a minister will bring a relevant message from the Bible. A variety of presentation styles are used to convey the message, however, whatever the style, we find that the message is exciting and very relevant!

We encourage members to take part in our services, so each week someone will help us to focus on missionaries and another may pray about the donations. However, there are also those who prefer to just come and sit and listen. We encourage people to enjoy the experience and so we want you to know, that we don’t expect you to dress in a particular way; we don’t take a collection so we don’t expect you to give any money, we really just want you to feel at home in an environment where you can simply worship God or explore more about Him, without being under any pressure at all to do anything that you don’t want to do.

All we would like to know is your name so we can introduce ourselves!   

Wednesday Worship
As well as our weekly Sunday Service, we get together midweek to pray, praise and study God’s Word. This usually takes place in somebody’s home. It is a really valuable and precious time, a chance to Worship God together in the middle of the week. If you would like to find out where our next meeting is taking place, please email or call us and we will be more than happy to assist.

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