Young people


At AIM christian fellowship we have been blessed with a wonderful group of young people. We have primary school age to university students and we try to arrange events and activities which all can enjoy. Ten-pin bowling, pizza, cinema trips or camping are regular highlights. Our young people are a talented bunch and we try to encourage them to use these talents during our worship. Of course, all new youngsters or teenagers will be made extremely welcome, we would be delighted to see you. 

Keswick Convention

The Young people, aswell as some other members of our church, make the annual trip to the Kewsick convention. The convention lasts for one week at the end of July/start of august and is a time of fun, fellowship and great camping food! There are age based seminars from tots to teens and an all age service aswell. The seminars are full of laughter, learning and fun and are fantastic for people there for the first time or for their tenth. The camping is optional and for the people wanting some warmth of a night, other accomodation could potentially be found. Everyone is welcome! If you would like more infomation on the 2018 Keswick convention click here





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